I believe in Freedom of the individual and justice. Freedom to think what you want think, freedom to protect your way of life, and freedom to carry out your ideals, if you can legally do so. However many of these freedoms are under threat in the UK, and many other countries too.

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What do you moan about ? I'll tell you the things I moan about, the main one being immigration and especially illegal immigration. To some degree, immigration is needed in most countries, to fill parts of the economy and the work force. There are at times, as happened with the UK, moments in history when a country needs a little help, and immigrants are actually invited to come and help out, with the promise of being a British Citizen. In the past, this has proved worthwhile for us, and we have many immigrants and generations of those immigrants, who have proved to be solid, loyal citizens of the UK.

Not so these days though ! Just about anybody it seems and especially after we joined the EU and implemented Tony Blair's infamous Human Rights Act, can now come to the UK, take our jobs, take our money and take our housing ! This seems to be the case for both legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. There are many countries in this world who, on finding an illegal immigrant or bogus immigrant, immediately deport them, back to from whence they came.

Something we ought to do, rather than go through the 'procedures', which very often allow said 'immigrant' never to be seen again ! Somehow in the UK, we seem hog tied, to even get rid of those who have entered illegally. "Report to the local police station every week, so we can look at your case over the next year", is the mantra our politicians seem to tell these illegal immigrants. In most cases they don't do so, and disappear into the 'black economy'. Oh dear !

Mind, when you do actually hold someone, we find it difficult to dispose of them. How many times have you read in the press about someone we can't deport, even though the person in question may hate the very existence of the UK ? And, to add insult to injury, use the freedom which our country affords them, to protest and plot against us. Something, incidentally, they probably wouldn't be allowed to do in their own country. It beggars belief.

Until recently one of the biggest moans I had, was being a member of the European Union. However, our Knights and Dames helped the campaign to leave the EU and victory became ours, we've set about freeing ourselves from the constraints of the EU and regaining our sovereignty.

Now, I'm a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones and in us all getting on with each other and being friends and trading partners. However, I believe in the sovereignty of each country to rule themselves the way they want it to be run and not have some bureaucrat in some other country, tell me what to do. We had been trading successfully for centuries with our Commonwealth friends and the rest of the world and we shall continue to do so. Even though we're leaving the EU, Europe will still trade with us and we with them. There may be a little turbulence over the next couple of years, while we extricate ourselves, but everything will turn out okay. Britain is great and will continue to be so outside of the EU.

My final big moan ? Get our troops out of the countries where we don't belong, mainly the Middle East. Let them govern their own destiny, we're losing too many soldiers and really what for ? Most of these countries are tribal, always have been and always will be. They've never been able to agree with each other, let alone a western country. Recent history proves it. Have you noticed how you don't hear much about Libya, since the fall of Gadaffi. Why ? It's because all the various tribes are falling out with each other, on who should run the bloody country! A similar situation is simmering in Egypt and look at Iraq ! It's still a dangerous place to be with the Sunni and Shiite factions, still feuding with each other, 1400 years from when they first started. And that's let alone feuding with the Western world.

The same can be said for many of the Middle Eastern countries. Throughout history, they've been tribal, they're tribal now and will be tribal in the future. We're fighting a losing battle trying to force western values, ideals and democracy on them.

Our defence is at an all time low, because the government say any threat to us is very low, and it's very unlikely we'll get attacked. Very low eh ? Look at ISIS trying to swarm over Iraq and Syria, we didn't see that one coming, did we ? Whose not to say, that organisations like that, if they go unchecked, are not going to have such idea's about Europe and the UK ?

I don't feel it's a good idea to think that our western ideals and values should be imposed on countries who throughout time, have been happy to exist the way they have done. It maybe, that a strong dictator is the only way to keep such tribal countries, in what we consider, some kind of order. After all, up until recent times and certainly for the past few decades, there has been relative stability in these lands. If the population wants to overthrow such people, they should be ones to do it, without help from the western world. Each unto his own, I say.

During these few pages, I have attempted to give you a brief resume of my moans. Obviously there can be much discussion and argument, as to whether I am right in my beliefs. Right or wrong though, they are what I believe, and I am entitled to those beliefs under the free and democratic society, in which I and you, for the moment at least, live and enjoy.

In conclusion, do you agree with, or broadly with what I've said ? If so, I'll ask you another question i.e.. What are you doing about it ? My guess is, most of you will reply 'nothing really'. It's amazing, that most of us have a good moan at whatever we like to moan about, but actually do very little to change them. I used to be like that, but as I've got older I've realised that I want my descendants to enjoy the privileges and freedom that I have enjoyed. Privileges and freedoms that are becoming quickly eroded, and may not be there in the ages to come. And that, my dear reader, is important. And, it is something, you can do something about. If you think it's time that you ought to put your money (not much of it) and a little effort, where your mouth is, then read our Aims and Membership sections and join us.

It may turn out to be, that this order of The Knights Templar, is for you. If it is, we'd be only too pleased to welcome you.