The Templars Back at Lincoln

lincoln cathedral cover
templars at lincoln

The first of what should have been several sleepouts for various charities that we had planned across the Midlands before the pandemic hit us all came and went on a dry but freezing cold night on the 6 March 2020, when some members of KTUK got together for a Sleep Out at Lincoln Cathedral in aid of the YMCA Homeless Charities.

In attendance were Commander of Lincolnshire, Master of England and Commander of Nottinghamshire. We were also joined by our fellow Templar from Scotland Sergeant at Arms from Falkirk

We started the night by arriving and booking in to register by 19.00 and were shown into the area for setting up where we were to sleep and a good selection of cardboard boxes and tape were available for anyone wanting to use them! Whilst we were happily chatting away and getting to know each other and talking Templar History others were busy making cardboard box coffins to settle down in for the night! In the background others were starting to arrive and set up for the night whilst listening to a local musician playing songs. Photos were taken and introductions were made to members of the security team and other members of the YMCA support team.

At 20.00 we had an introduction from the YMCA CEO who officially opened the evening and the local priest came across and we joined in prayer. Around 21.00 hot soup and bread was available in the kitchen for anyone that wanted something hot to eat before settling down for the night.

templars at lincoln templars at lincoln

Once people had started settling down members of staff and security routinely checked in on everyone to make sure we were all okay and we had a few conversations with members of staff, security and a couple of students who were asking about our order and the history of the Templars in Lincolnshire. We also discussed the fact that the Cathedral was used in the film (The DaVinci Code) in a couple of shots.

As the night drew on and the temperature dropped out came the flask with a hot drink in and a few snacks. A few hours later at around 06.00 it was time to rise, wish our neighbours a good morning and start breaking down our sleeping kits for the night and the cardboard put to one side ready for collection later in the day At about 06.45 -07.00 The Mayor of Lincoln and the YMCA CEO attended giving out bacon rolls and hot drinks whilst mingling and giving thanks to all involved.

We gave out some flyers and cards with the promise of attending again next year hopefully with a few more members in attendance. It was Just a shame that we could not get into the Knights Templar Chapel on the east side of the Cathedral.

Oh well another time, another visit for later in the year hopefully!