Seal of Poverty
An original Templar Seal
depicting two knights on one
horse, which reflects their
austere religious vows
of poverty and chastity.
Hence they could only afford two
knights to one horse.

After good old King Philip IV of France, did his dirty deeds in 1307, the Knights Templar were all but finished. After seeing many of their brothers burned alive, tortured and generally put to death, the few Knights remaining, simply fled, and who can blame them ! From then on in, what was left of the original Knights Templar, disappeared into the eons of time, with no definitive history recorded about them, only legend. It is said that a few of the remaining Knights joined the Freemasons, although again, there is no definitive proof of this but the Freemasons do have a Knights Templar section

It is well worth pointing out here; it is only the Pope who can ordain a holy order (as he did with the Knights Templar) and it is only the Pope who can disband a holy order (as he did with the Knights Templar). All this means, that any organisation (including ours) who call themselves Knights Templar today, whatever there website tries to imply or state, is not a holy order, has no descendancy from the original Knights and is not sanctioned by the Pope. We ourselves, have no connection to any other Knights Templar group, organisation or political party and have no connection with Freemasonry. In many ways, we are the modern face of the Knights Templar, because the original Knights Templar ideals, seem to mirror very similar ideals to ours and what's going on in the world today.

usa templar
Modern variation of
the two knights on one
horse, used mainly by
Knights Templar
in the USA.

I have looked at many of the so called Templar groups in the UK and around this world, and there are quite a few. Looking especially at their web sites and their ideals, to me, it seems that most of these organisations, whilst having maybe spiritual empathy with the original Knights, are more concerned with the pomp, ceremony and regalia of those bygone years. I must say though, that many have took up charitable works and give help to those in need, which is highly commendable.

In addition however, I know from a couple of sites I've visited, that their main purpose is to sell you copies and modern interpretations of Templar paraphernalia, at greatly inflated prices. One of these sites, having only come in to being in 2015, boasts an 'international' status, but it seems, is actually linked to a British far right political party and from what I've assertained can be somewhat unreliable in taking your money and not delivering the goods. Be very careful who you join, or order Templar paraphernalia from.

However, If you want a new social life in a brotherhood of peace and harmony, wish to help your fellow man out with charitable causes and and having a 'get together' every few weeks. Then we are the group for you. We are hands on by finding, sharing or starting petitions, recruiting and building our order. Thus our 5th column agenda will eventually take hold.