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The aim of Knights Templar United Kingdom is to broadly follow their original noble ideals of the Knights Templars including chivalry, charitable works, and the history of the order, but broadening it out, to not only Christianity in the UK, but to all other lawful faiths and non-faiths, such as Agnostic, and Atheists. Now in the UK, we enjoy a balanced environment, where people can follow their own faith or non-faith without hindrance. We are a non-political organisation which follows the Christian values of the original Knights. Hate speech will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

We are looking to build an order that encourages the involvement of our members helping with our charitable aims and getting involved with their local commanderies, fundraising, recruiting other members, local history etc. It will take some time to do, but 'from little acorns, oak trees can grow". And so, do ideas, that members can put forward, to advance our cause.

By becoming a member, it is more than just a certificate to hang on the wall it is a way of life and our orders oaths form the backbone of our values, to be a Templar you must show Faith, Loyalty, Truth, Honour, Justice, Charity, compassion, Strength, and hope

Aim One.... Fundraising / Charitable Work
Through our local areas to assist with Homelessness, mental Health supporting our veterans, including the training of volunteers for our Kt- care team. And, through our facebook pages.
Our Charities we have helped include:

Veterans Woodcraft.

Canaan Trust.

Grantham Ark.

Lincolnshire YMCA

PTSD Resolutions

Help the Heroes

British Legion.

Salvation Army.

Veterans association

Combat Stress

Plus others.

Aim Two...Contacting
and working alongside our Local MP’s and councillors. Emailing and attending local MP/Councillor surgeries with issues concerning events on a local and national scale including petitions on important issues. It is about taking little steps that over time become a big one.

Aim Three....Securing our borders
To increase numbers and support our Defence Forces with better equipment and training for the security of our country.

Aim Four....Immigration
We seek to lobby our government to stop traffickers from bringing immigrants into our country, to include, that all illegal immigrants should be returned to their country of origin immediately upon being found. No court cases, special needs, asylum, appeals etc. should be entered. If you are an illegal immigrant, quite simply and quickly, you are deported.

The minimum requirements for those seeking legal immigration, should include that they have a permanent job offer in a skilled trade, or intend to set up a business here and can prove that they have the finances in which to do so. Unskilled or semi-skilled workers should be allowed in, only if they have a permanent job offer and only if this country has a shortage of such workers. All immigrants should be required to be able to speak and read English and have no medical problems. The right to apply for UK citizenship, should only be given after a period of 5 years and then only granted if they have not been involved in any unlawful activities. Furthermore, citizenship can only then be granted if the immigrant’s country of origin, issues a guarantee to repatriate the immigrant should a UK court rule to revoke the UK citizenship or application. This would eliminate any restrictions on deporting convicted criminals and terrorists on the basis that they would be stateless. The rights granted now to EU workers, in relation to working in the UK, should be withdrawn, and they should only be eligible, as per our minimum requirements outlined above.

Aim Five.....Religion
Our four main aims as outlined, are put in simplistic terms, as we are not experts in law, or a political body. We are simply human beings, that see our way of life being eroded and threatened by the concerns that we have outlined. We do know though, that as with most things in life that are done, they can also be undone. It is the task of the Knights Templar Organisation-UK to help protect the rights and the beliefs of the population of the United Kingdom, which after all, is not too far removed from ideals of the original Knights Templar. As our membership grows and for the moment, we advertise membership payments mainly through PayPal. We have organised local groups meetings in various areas around the UK. Our main priority for the time being though, is to attract members to Knights Templar UK to support the weak and the vulnerable