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Most other Templar organisations follow the pomp and ceremony of what they think the original Knights Templar portrayed and enjoy the regalia to go with it. Apart from charitable works though, I haven't seen any of them actually follow what the original Knights Templar were formed for ! i.e. to protect the rights of Christians and their way of life.

The aim of this organisation though, is to broadly follow their original ideals, but broadening it out, to not only Christianity in the UK, but to all other lawful faiths and non faiths, such as Agnostic, and Atheists. At the moment in the UK, we enjoy a balanced environment, where people can follow their own faith or non faith without hindrance. However, with the advent of mass immigration, this balance can be swung in many directions, including ones where extremists of particular faiths, may wish to dominate and control other's beliefs.

Aim One.... Immigration.
We seek to persuade our government to amend our immigration laws, to include, that all illegal immigrants should be returned to their country of origin immediately upon being found. No court cases, special needs, asylum, appeals etc. should be entered into. If you're an illegal immigrant, quite simply and quickly, you are deported.

The minimum requirements for those seeking legal immigration, should include that they have a permanent job offer in a skilled trade, or intend to set up a business here and can prove that they have the finances in which to do so. Unskilled or semi-skilled workers should be allowed in, only if they have a permanent job offer and only if this country has a shortage of such workers. All immigrants should be required to be able to speak and read English and have no medical problems. The right to apply for UK citizenship, should only be given after a period of 5 years and then only granted if they have not been involved in any unlawful activities. Further more, citizenship can only then be granted if the immigrants country of origin, issues a guarantee to repatriate the immigrant should a UK court rule to revoke the UK citizenship or application. This would eliminate any restrictions on deporting convicted criminals and terrorists on the basis that they would be stateless. The rights, granted at the moment to EU workers, in relation to working in the UK, should be withdrawn, and they should only be eligible, as per our minimum requirements outlined above.

Aim Two...To make sure our withdrawal from the EU goes ahead as we want.
We do not want a single market, as this will mean freedom of movement to any EU citizens in our country, otherwise our borders will be at risk. We say who comes in and who goes out, thereby enabling us to control our own immigration problem.

Aim Three....To repeal or amend the Human Rights Act.
To persuade our government to repeal or severely amend the Human Rights Act, especially to delete laws that put the rights of criminals over that of law abiding citizens.

Aim Four....Return of our Troops.
We seek to persuade our government to immediately withdraw our troops from lands in Middle Eastern countries. The money saved by doing so, should then be used to strengthen our armed forces.

Aim Five.....Religion
The original Knights Templar were formed to protect the rights of Christians. At Knights Templar Organisation-UK we broaden that, to protect the rights of all lawful religions from extremists of any religion. We believe that anyone has the right to follow their particular faith, so long as it does not infringe the rights of other faiths. We seek to help all lawful religions to peacefully co-exist without hindrance. We do not condone unlawful acts or violence towards any religion, or by any religion and will actively support peaceful and lawful means to stop such events occurring.

Our five main aims as outlined, are put in simplistic terms, as we are not experts in law, or a political body. We are simply human beings, that see our way of life being eroded and threatened by the concerns that we've outlined. We do know though, that as with most things in life that are done, they can also be undone. It is the task of the Knights Templar Organisation-UK to help protect the rights and the beliefs of the population of the United Kingdom,  which after all, is not too far removed from ideals of the original Knights Templar.

At the moment our organisation is growing steadily every week (over 2000 as at the time of writing) and membership is scattered around the UK. Right now, we inform our Knights and Dames of any petitions that are around, that are protesting about causes similar to ours and hope they decide to sign them. For a petition to be heard and debated in the House of Commons, it needs to have at least 100,000 signatures, so it's important they get every signature available. A recent successful petition on immigration, attracted some 145,000 signatures and was debated in the House of Commons. Besides publishing these petitions in our monthly newsletter, those members using our private Facebook page, are always sharing many other petitions which may interest you, usually on a more local or personal basis.

It's alright to have protest marches etc. but they usually do little or no good. The vast majority of these marches, go largely unreported or mis-reported, cause mayhem in the area in which they take place, cause upset and resentment from residents and motorists and can get the organisation leading them, a bad name or trouble from the law and in general. 
I can think of one particular far right organisation, who are always begging for donations so that they can fight court cases, bought against them by the authorities.  Rather a waste of their members donations, I would have thought. Don't forget 'the media' and especially if they have a little pressure from GCHQ, are superbly able to present the negative aspects of confrontation.

In fact, the British public at large, do not like confrontation and it is not the way to win the war, but maybe a 'Fifth Column', attitude is........

The dictionary describes a Fifth Column as one where any group of people, undermine a larger group, such as a nation... from within. In other words, the opposing force, although smaller, can with help from sympathisers within the larger force, spring an element of surprise and win the day.

In our case 'within' is you, it's me, it's all of us. Our weapon is 'word of mouth'. By expressing your concerns and our organisation's aims, about our great country to your friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc. you are helping to change peoples attitudes and lethargy, in doing something about our problems and therefore ultimately change the way they vote.

If you express your views to those around you, and they tell of the dangers to those around them and so on, then awareness grows quite rapidly and things begin to change, which is exactly what's been happening over these last few years! Look at the rise of political parties, who now represent many of the things, we at the Knights Templar Organisation want. In fact well over 8 million people in the UK, are now actively thinking our way. By using this 'Fifth Column' attitude, those numbers can only grow and are growing. Our war will not be won quickly, because our problems did not appear quickly, they've been smouldering and growing for decades. But with over 8 million minds already thinking our way, we are beginning to win. We expect the Knights and Dames of our organisation to use this 'Fifth Column' attitude

Wearing our distinctive badge, patch or cap, can be a good talking point, to bring about discussion on our aims and your concerns, thereby making an enquirer more aware of the dangers facing our beloved British way of life.

As our membership grows and for the moment, we advertise membership mainly through PayPerClick on Google and Bing, we are beginning to organise local groups meetings in various areas around the UK. As more such Commanderies, as they are called, are bought into being, we can start to organise more leaflet drops, posters etc. .

Our main priority for the time being though, is to attract members or 'raise the army', so to speak. It'll take some time to do, but 'from little acorns, oak trees can grow". And, so do ideas, that members can put forward, to advance our cause.